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Our mission is to have a blast integrating mind-blowing

new technologies, discoveries and movements into character-driven, dramatic stories. We aim to entertainingly provoke people to reflect on themselves and our world. In addition to science, technology and culture, our stories explore issues related to relationships, religion, politics, law, business, entertainment, fashion, parenting, aging and more.

Singularitive Ranch is a specialized story development company. One of our core competencies is developing stories using some of the same modern techniques that are used to develop software. For example, we build stories using technology concepts such as platform architecture, wire-framing, agile development and minimum viable product / story.  

Another software industry concept that Singularitive is exploring is an open-source model for non-exclusively licensing the company's story plots and characters (in written form, not video form). To learn more, go to our Open Forum.

Mike finishing the 
2019 Berkeley 5K

Mike Alvarez Cohen running 2019 Berkeley 5K

Mike Alvarez Cohen is Singularitive Ranch's chief story officer during nights and weekends. His motivation to pursue speculative fiction and co-found Singularitive is derived from the entrepreneurship principle that storytelling is the most compelling way to convey ideas.


Mike believes that, as with creating great companies, developing great stories is a team effort. This team efforts includes beta readers, writers groups, and more. That's why the attribution for these stories is Singularitive Ranch, not Mike himself.


Mike has spent his career working with leading-edge technologies in Silicon Valley and scientific discoveries at UC Berkeley. In 2017, Mike was honored with a Berkeley Visionary Award.

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