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A scientific discovery, technological development, or social movement that has an abrupt and profound impact on humanity and/or nature
(Derivation: Singularity + Declarative)
See also: 
- Posularitive: A singularitive that is beneficial—at least initially and ostensibly
- Negularitive:  A singularitive that is detrimental—at least initially and ostensibly


Note: In contrast to singularitives, many extraordinary discoveries, developments, and movements weren't singularitives because their profound impact on humanity wasn't immediate, for example, the eradication of smallpox (by 1980), doubling of life expectancy over the past century, cancer immunotherapy (2018 Nobel Prize), CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing (2020 Nobel Prize), and mRNA vaccines

List of
PAST Singularitive


- Open AI makes ChatGPT-3 available to the public, 2022 Nov 30.


Vaccine for COVID-19,  2021 January 4

- World Health Organization declares COVID-19 a pandemic,  2020 March 11

- Terrorist attacks on World Trade Centers,  2001 September 11

- First crewed landing on the moon, 1969 July 20

- Vaccine for polio,  1955 April 12

- End of World War II,  1945 September 2


- First use of an atomic bomb in warfare,  1945 August 6

- Great Depression Wall Street crash,  1929 October 29

- Chicxulub asteroid impact mass extinction of non-avian dinosaurs,  66 million years ago.

List of
FUTURE Singularitives



- Discovery of intelligent extraterrestrials (the Extraterrestrial Singularitive or ETS)

- Approval of gene editing for a common affliction

- Complete understanding of human biology (the Self Cognizant Singularitive or SCS)


- Halt or materially slow aging

- Fusion energy production

- Teleportation

- Time travel (probably not possible)

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