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Our MISSION is to have a blast integrating mind-blowing new technologies, discoveries, and movements into character-driven, dramatic stories. We aim to captivate, entertain, inspire, and provoke people to reflect on themselves and our world. In addition to science, technology, and culture, our stories explore issues related to relationships, religion, politics, law, business, entertainment, fashion, parenting, aging, and more. We're curating a list of past singularitives and hypothetical future singularitives.

Our MOTIVATION in founding Singularitive Ranch was inspired by the humanistic and entrepreneurship principles that the most compelling way to convey ideas and provoke thought is through storytelling, especially stories that emotionally move people. 


Our COLLABORATORS rally around the realization that, as with creating great companies, developing great stories is a team effort. This team effort includes beta readers, writers groups, and more. That's why the attribution / pen name for these stories is Singularitive Ranch—an organization name, not a single author name. Here's a list of our beta readers and other contributors to date.


Our APPROACH to developing stories is based on the same modern techniques that are used to develop software. For example, we build stories using technology concepts such as platform architecture, wire-framing, agile development, minimum viable product / story, and we view the revisioning of story manuscripts as analogous to new internal releases of software apps. While we using editing tools such as Grammarly and ProWriterAid, we have not, nor intend to use AI to write stories, narrate audiobooks, or produced marketing materials (such as back cover blurbs).

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