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Reasoning for Open-Sourcing
the ETS Stories

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By Mike Alvarez Cohen
Chief Story Officer
Singularity Ranch Inc

1) I'm writing stories with the intent to make them publicly available.

2) My motivation for making the stories public is to impact the maximum number of people. Impact includes entertaining, educating, influencing, intriguing, or emotionally touching people.

3) A story needs to be great to impact lots of people.

4) Authoring great stories requires talent and skills.

5) Storytelling skills are developed through lots of training, reading, and writing. 

6) I don't have any formal training in fiction story writing; I haven't read an above average number of fictional stories; and, I only started writing fiction in late 2018.

7) Consequently, I don't have the skills to write great stories, and I'm not likely to develop those skills in the foreseeable future.

8) Therefore, to achieve the goal of maximizing impact, I need to pursue another strategy for my stories.

9) The strategy I'm pursuing is open-sourcing the ETS plot lines and characters under the most permissive Creative Commons copyright license, CC BY.

10) Under the CC BY license anyone is free to use the plot lines and characters for any purpose (including commercial for-profit use) as long as they provide attribution to Singularity Ranch and its authors.

11) I hope that this strategy catalyzes the emergence of a robust community of people who write and/or read derivative stories that have singularity events, and relate to the ETS story plot lines or characters.

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